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"Industry is somewhat scarce up here in the beautiful mountain landscape around Disentis. So the many apprenticeships and jobs we can offer the people in our region are particularly prized and appreciated. And that for over 20 years now."

Maybe you will also like this extract from our company philosophy: The most modern technologies are of course important - but versatile and perfect performance, precision and quality can only become a reality when the human side of things is also properly looked after.


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Sustainability and environmental protection as strategic goals

In a time when environmental protection and sustainability are gaining importance, we are consistently focussing on green principles and conscious actions.

The production is oriented towards climate neutrality, already manufactured with consideration for CO2 neutrality and ecological compatibility.

Customers worldwide can rely on receiving products manufactured to the highest environmental standards. This comprehensive approach establishes distec ag as a pioneer in the industry.


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Green energy sources

In addition, we consistently rely on green energy sources, and electricity is sourced from hydroelectric power plants. 


iso 14001 zertifizierung distec

distec ag has been certified according to ISO 14001, signifying adherence to strict environmental standards and the implementation of a continuous improvement process.

Through measures aimed at reducing the ecological footprint and promoting environmentally friendly technologies, we take responsibility for the environment and chart a sustainable course for the future.




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