Landis & Gyr laid the foundations for an industrial company in the Bündner highlands in the year 1966/67 with the foundation of the Disentis Aussenwerk (the Disentis external factory). The basic idea developed from "The exodus of the young people". This was the origin of the initial training workshop for toolmakers. Later, in the boom years between 1970 and 1980, the power coil manufacturing facilities were also relocated to Disentis and a precision manufacturing department was formed. In 1988, Landis & Gyr decided either to sell or to close all the factories, including Disentis. The purchase of the factory by Mr Hug of RH-Holding enabled work in the factory to continue and guaranteed the safety of the jobs there. On the 1st of January 1989, the company distec ag was founded.


distec dezember2013



January 1989
Foundation of distec ag
January 1991
LG decides to continue with just the core competencies at its location in the Zug Canton in Switzerland. Outsourcing contracts in the areas of stamping, bending, axle and gearwheel manufacturing (2000 Article)
July 1991
The start of the new construction
October 1992
Received order for coil manufacturing for the whole LG group. Fully automated production
January 1993
Introduction of the EDV. Purchase of the Smart Sedrun
July 1995
Our own design dep.
August 1996
The first CNC milling centre, 6 pallets, 100 WZ
October 1996
Successful audit ISO9000 # April 1997
April 1997
CAD - CAM Introduced
March 1998
3-D measurement machine
January 1999
Successfully audited by Audi
March 2001
Purchase of the premises of Truns AG in Trun
July 2002
Clean room assembly installed
October 2005
Relocation of the stamping operation to Trun
March 2006
Successful audit ISO 13485:2003
March 2009 and March 2012
Renewal of the certification ISO 9001:2008 und ISO 13485:2003
February 2013
Purchase of new five-axis machining centres
November 2013
Expension of machinery of apprentice department with milling centre of newest generation
December 2014
Successfully audited by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
September 2017
Expension of machinery with high-speed CNC milling centre
November 2017
Expension in our quality control department: enlargement of measuring room and additional pre-air conditioning
November 2017
New 3D measuring machine
March 2018
Successful re-certification according to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.
October 2020
Successful certification according to EN9100:2018 'Aerospace'
January 2021
Investment in new turning/milling machining center DMG Mori 
September 2022
Successful certification according to ISO 14001:2015 'Environmental Management System'



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