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An apprenticeship with distec ag is one of the best training references in the region.

There are currently apprenticeships available for summer 2020.

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We are offering the following apprenticeships (follow the link for additional information relating to each career...):

>> Polymechanic (4 years)

>> Productions mechanic (3 years)


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Well informed instructors, a modern training programme, a large apprentice training department as well as our modern collection of machinery guarantee you a sound, serious and enjoyable education with a bright future.


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Why an apprenticeship with Distec?

  • Because our training is interesting and varied!
  • Because it is great fun to learn in the distec team!
  • Because our training will be useful in the future!


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Zertifizierte Qualität

distec iso13485 und iso9001 zertifikate

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