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High precision metal processing

"Disentis in the Grisons mountains. In an area where people normally take holidays, we produce in our modern and efficient factory what we call "Ideas made of metal and plastics". We manufacture from the development stage right through to the final complete, high-quality product.
Our well integrated team of specialised and highly-motivated employees is extremely proud of the guarantee of "versatility with the highest precision" that they provide."



Metal processing is our passion

In addition to the usual materials such as steel and aluminium, we also process high-performance materials such as Invar and titanium. With our efficient, modern machinery, we produce prototypes, individual parts as well as small and large series.

distec ag enjoys an excellent reputation and is internationally known for its very high quality standards. Thanks to ISO 13485:2016, EN9100:2018 und ISO 9001:2015  our services can be seamlessly integrated into the production and logistics processes of our clients and partners.

Precision parts from distec ag are already being used by customers from a wide range of industries. For example, in the space industry, aircraft industry, laboratory technology, medical technology, optics, food production, sensor technology, IT industry, general mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering and many more.


5-axis CNC milling and robot loading

We manufacture complex prototype parts, individual parts as well as small and large series on state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC milling centres. High-speed milling spindles, robot loading and pallet stations guarantee maximum precision and efficiency.


  • cnc fraesen 5 achsen makina distec
    Hochmoderne 5-Achs-CNC-Fräscenter
  • automatisation mikron fanuc roboter


We have state of the art, high-performance machinery available, enabling us to perform cost-efficient and highly precise manufacturing.

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We can guarantee the quality of our work by using the most modern measurement technology (including the 'Zeiss Prismo' CNC measuring machine) and with certifications according to ISO 13485, EN9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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Clean room

We also use a clean room for assembly when the highest quality is demanded.

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